domenica 2 novembre 2008

A short communication (for English speaking friends..)

Shiny Stat is a great tool to discover if your blog is followed and from where people reads it. So, I've seen that , although the Blog is written in Italian, there is a lot of contacts from other parts of the world. In particular there are some friends from UK anf from USA (especially from Langton!).
So I want to thank all the friends who are so interested in this blog and I want to excuse if my first language is Italian. However, if I'd receive antìy specific questions, I can try to answer in English and in Spanish, too.
So, do not be shy, I wait for you!

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Anonimo ha detto...


I read your post to "English speaking friends" with great interest.
I live in a small town called Walhalla in North Dakota near another small town named Langdon. So I wonder if I'm the person from "Langton"?

Anyway my Babelfish translations of your blog leave much to be desired. The translation of color names has been poor. Could you list the English names for the colors you use?

I'm doing a GNW project using the same kinds of figures, so your blog inspiration for my own work.

I like what you are doing a lot! Keep up the good work.


Auguste Dejean ha detto...

Yes, it's you! I was wrong, the name of the town is Langdon and not Langton! (Ops, sorry...) WOW, Walhalla is a great name for a place!
Well, I suppose you are talking about the name of the colours I described. Almost all are from Vallejo and, aat least for the horse have a code number that I have reported close to their Italian name. You can find the complete catalogue (in English, too)with the relative numbers on the web page of Vallejo
For the uniforms, OK, let me some time and I'll try to translate some of the colour code I've used and illustrated in the Blog.
Thanks a lot for your attention, and, who knows, maybe will find somewhere to play, sooner or later.
Let me know if you need something also.